Personalized Coaching/ Mentoring & Assessment

SGD 1450

Future-ready Coaching
- 10 sessions

Being prepared for the future goes beyond academics – we want children to have the abilities, mindset and habits to successfully navigate through the immediate or future years of life.

Our future-ready classes are crafted in a coaching format, where experienced professionals in the relevant field will cover the lesson topic in an engaging and participative manner.

Topics are refreshed every now and then with input from professionals in the educational field & parents. This includes: Self-awareness, Social-awareness, Emotional management, Effective Communication, Public speaking, Interview skills, Teamwork & Leadership & more… 

Parents will be updated progressively throughout the course. End of program individualized report will be provided. 

SGD 1450

Entrepreneurship Coaching
- 10 sessions

Children begin to understand the notion of money, trade and businesses from the age of 3, and many start to think of business ideas from their day-to-day experiences. 

KidDo wants to offer children a safe & experiential platform to develop their entrepreneurial skills. 

From working on an actual idea to creating products, designing posters, marketing them and pitching it to investors. Children also learn how to manage their ‘funds’ & speak with confidence. 

Ideas that truly work will be carried through together with a coach, for a child to make their dreams a reality.

Parents will be updated progressively throughout the course; all creations will be taken home. End of program individualized report will be provided.

SGD 1450

Speech & Presentation Coaching
- 10 sessions

Is your child able to speak confidently to people of different age groups? Is s/he able to hold conversations well? 

Being able to carry oneself well through effective communication is one of the biggest concerns parents have for their children. Our team of professionals in relevant field of expertise will be coaching your child the ways to proper speech & presentation skills. Topics include: ways to communicate their points across effectively, ways to give a good speech confidently & how to hold conversations and more…

Parents will be updated progressively throughout the course. End of program individualized report will be provided. 

SGD 1650

PathsFinder Mentoring
- 10 sessions

KidDo has developed a PathsFinder coaching, suited for youths who are seemingly confused as to what the next steps are for them – be it in areas to specialize in at school or jobs. PathsFinder Coaching is suitable for those from 12 years old onwards.

Explore & Discover: School selection, career options, self-awareness and life direction charting, strengths and interests discovery, action plan and goal setting, educational pathway consultation, CV/portfolio and interview preparation. 

SGD 1450

DSA/ EAE & Admissions Preparation
- 8 sessions

Explore ways to strengthen your portfolio and interview skills. 

Be it DSA or EAE or international school admissions and applications, we have years of experience and success cases in helping students enter their dream school! 

Students will also be linked up with existing or ex-students of the specific schools chosen. Learn about your dream school’s culture and systems before entering it – make wise choices with a good amount of information provided to you. 

SGD 450

TraitsFinder Assessment

KidDo has developed a TraitsFinders assessment that builds upon the research of existing methodologies and integrated it into an assessment suited for learners aged 6-16. 

TraitsFinder identifies a child’s learning & behavioral traits, strengths/ weaknesses, sources of motivations/ stress, characteristics and evaluate future-readiness in several key areas etc. – providing insights on improving and facilitating learning and growth.

Assessed by certified behavioural consultants.

Report can be used by parents, teachers, coaches & caregivers.