Junior Explorer Programs

SGD 1250

Junior Explorer Program
- 10 sessions

Learn through guided play. Pre-primary exposure to learning and discovery through engaging and semi-directed activities. 

Rotating activities such as: Art creation and expression, physical and sensory activities, speech and drama, basic arithmetic and linguistics, hands-on craftwork, scientific experiments, excursions and learning journeys, primary school transition. 

Lessons are highly customised according to child’s interests and needs.

SGD 300

2 Days Transitional Program
(K2 to P1 or P6 to Sec1)

Children/ Youths, as well as parents with children/youths transitioning to Primary/ Secondary School are bound to be filled with anxiety & uncertainty. 

KidDo offers a Transitional Program for children/ youths moving on from their Kindergarten to Primary School/ Primary School to Secondary School that will cover the expected changes and challenges faced in the new school environment.

Topics include: handling cash, social media safety, boundaries, stress management, new routines, goal settings and more…

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Off-site workshops

The team is experienced in conducting off-site workshops for kids’ parties or events. 

Workshop type can be further discussed to suit party or event needs.