About Us

A Learning Space for All

The Hyve seeks to encapsulate the characteristics of a Hive – a place in which the like-minded are busily and happily occupied while learning new skills.

We position The Hyve as a learning space for all – focusing on SQ (Social), CQ (Creativity), DQ (Digital) and EQ (Emotional), beyond IQ (Intelligence). 

Since incorporation, The Hyve has coached more than 100 over students. The team is made up of qualified coaches with multiple years of mentoring & coaching children and youths of all backgrounds.

Age 4 - 6:

- TraitsFinder Assessment
- Art & Botany Workshops
- Transitional Program

Age 7 - 16:

- TraitsFinder Assessment
- Future-ready coaching
- Entrepreneurship program/ boot camps
- Future-ready program/ boot camps
- Botany program/ boot camps
- Art & botany workshops

For Adults & Seniors

- Art & Botany Program / Workshops
- Entrepreneurship and Business Programs

Recreational Space

- An exclusive space is also available for booking for private workshops with your family/colleagues/friends - be it for a family activity, team bonding event or birthday/bachelorette party.

Current Partners @ The Hyve

KidDo is an educational partner that aims to nurture & groom future-ready children & youths. Kiddo covers the assessments, coaching sessions and holiday bootcamps etc.

Beeleaf aims to introduce children to the world of botany, nature and experiments through a series of hands-on workshops/ programs. Keep your eyes peeled for Beeleaf’s Junior Explorer Program that is constantly refreshed!