Welcome to The Hyve

The Hyve seeks to encapsulate the characteristics of a Hive — a place in which like-minded people are busily & happily occupied, while exploring a myriad of activities they enjoy.

We position The Hyve as a learning space for all, bringing to you a range of different hands-on workshops, experiential boot camps and enrichment classes.

The Hyve is built with the goal of encouraging individuals to explore their interests, discover their strengths & potential, or simply have fun. In particular for the young, The Hyve is a safe space for learning and growth.

Is your Child Future-ready?

Can your child speak and behave with confidence in public?

Can your child understand the topics of today’s world issues?

Does your child know his or her interests, strengths & weaknesses?

Can your child effectively communicate his/her emotions & thoughts?

How should parents leverage or intervene with these knowledge?

Book a trial class to find out today!

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Not sure if your child got what it takes to be a little CEO or little Botanist?
Join our trial classes to find out more.

Trial classes available for: Future-ready, Speech & Presentation, Entrepreneurship & Botany programs!

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Singapore's 1st Pet-inclusive Workshop space!

Time to bring your furkids to The Hyve! @ The Hyve, not only do we have a pet-friendly area for those who want to bring their pet along, we have curated a range of pet-inclusive workshops to enjoy with your furkids!

Interested in Art or Plants?

Join us for our series of recreational art & botany workshops - refreshed every quarter! 2-2.5h per session, allow your creativity to flow and take home your masterpiece with you!

Plants are also known to be great stress reliefs - join us for a relaxing day out!


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